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What is a Contact Center Solution and
Why Does My Business Need One?

Larger companies or organizations that experience high call volume with complex routing are the ideal candidate for contact center solutions. A contact center is designed specifically for businesses with complex contact-center operations and high call volume. A Call Management System is a database, administration, and reporting application that allows businesses to identify operational issues and take immediate action to solve them.

Adept Networks uses both Avaya and ShoreTel for custom contact center solutions that will help businesses alleviate communication bottle-necks and broken channels. Avaya’s contact systems use a Windows style interface so that call center managers can view data and receive customized threshold and exception alerts in a familiar manner. Both systems are set up to help IT managers analyze trends, establish performance benchmarks, and plan new marketing or customer-service campaigns. The reports can be easily customized to suit the needs of the business. The real-time data and reporting allows business managers can make faster, better informed decisions, for more effective contact-center operations.

Contact centers are the lifeblood of many businesses. If you’re starting a contact center for your enterprise or are looking to replace your existing contact center, Adept Networks can help you address contact-center considerations that affect your business such as: total cost of ownership, flexibility, lifetime or “cradle-to-grave” solutions, and interoperability with your other databases.

A Contact Center isn’t just a service to help larger companies with their incoming calls. A contact center can help a large company deal with thousands of calls; however, it’s not just large companies that could do with help handling their incoming calls–a call center can help a small business make sure every call is answered and addressed in a timely manner. This can make all the difference when every conversion matters.



Part of effectively connecting your business with customers is having a well-rounded communication system in place. An effective contact center can improve your business processes, enable your business to meet the needs of customers, optimize resources, and generate more revenue. Adept Networks can assist you with anything from basic call center set up and operations to advanced interactive capabilities. Technology can be complex, but our solutions make things simple.




What Can You Expect from a Contact Center Solution?

You get immediate feedback for system analysis
Using the Avaya call center management you are provided with real-time monitoring and customizable alerts to identify and address problems quickly.

Reduce Unproductive Time Loss with Simplified monitoring and reporting
Avaya features an easy management wizard application to design customized reports for your business. Then Managers can schedule reporting at their convenience.

Avaya Featured Contact System
The Avaya Aura™ Contact Center 6.0 (Avaya Aura CC 6.0) is a context-sensitive, collaborative, voice and multi-media customer contact solution that allows enterprises to anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions. Avaya Aura CC 6.0 intelligently routes up to six multimedia contacts to the most appropriate resource through a unified agent interface. By creating a complete view of the customer and the context of their interaction, Avaya Aura CC 6.0 allows enterprises and organizations to manage the customer experience in a way that consistently delivers a superior level of engagement. Avaya Aura CC 6.0 enables the ability to reach out to customers proactively, combines historic and real-time contextual information about a customer to improve the quality of interactions, optimizes agent utilization and productivity, and enhances supervisor performance to deliver superior customer experience and drive sustainable business growth.

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