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What do customers love about Adept Networks?

1) “Personalized service, not commodity IT.”
2) “Reliability”
3) “Quick Response”
4) “Problems get fixed”
5) “Problems and Projects are not dragged out”
6) “Stable, here for long haul.”
7) “Use of modern tools like remote access”
8) “One company for all support. True ability to work on IT and Phones”
9) “Keeping up to date on technology”
10) “Technical Knowledge and ability to solve issues.”
11) “Professional, and friendly”

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Petersen Plumbing - Eugene, OR

 You were able to design/install a [Meraki] firewall & VPN solution that actually protected my network! The previous guy was clueless and left my network VERY at risk of hacking!

Evergreen Law

 You always provide professional, friendly, and prompt service. You really have been there for us and are our “go to” when we have an issue.

Ameriprise Financial - Eugene, OR

The Allworx phone system is amazing compared to our old system. Having the mobile app is extremely beneficial. Adept seems to know everything about IT and I know very little. I truly feel your company is doing what it needs to to stay ahead of the competition.

Andersen LawWe prefer personalized service, which is exactly what is provided by Adept. The previous provider was not reliable, at times it took several days to get a response.

Corinne D, Andersen Law