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Adept Networks Brings ShoreTel’s New SBE 100 Hardware & Software Package to Southern Oregon & Northern California

Unified Communications Functionality Previously only Effective for Large Enterprises is now for Medium & Small Businesses Too

Before now, ShoreTel’s unified communications hardware and software packages provided unified communications solutions that were functional primarily for large-enterprise businesses. As of ShoreTel’s announcement on April 16, 2013 of their release of the ShoreTel Small Business Edition 100, AKA the SBE 100, that has all changed. Now small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from the same advantages as large businesses could with the integration of the SBE 100 into their daily operations.

Adept Networks, a reseller of ShoreTel communications products in Southern Oregon, is excited to hear about the small-business functionality of the SBE 100 because, like many resellers, they know that this demographic of businesses was underserved before now by ShoreTel, which Adept considers to have some of the best unified communications products available today. Therefore, having released the SBE 100, ShoreTel will now be very attainable and attractive to businesses under 100 users at 5 or less locations. With big-business functions and advantages, the ShoreTel Small Business Edition 100 makes not having a true IT department less of an issue for small and medium businesses because many common phone functions, such as changing or adding phones, are tasks that are now user-friendly enough for a small business to change and update themselves with just a bit of everyday computing knowledge.

The advantages of the SBE 100 include functionality that is already expected from ShoreTel by big businesses, such as the ability to grow your communications system with your company; the peace of mind behind knowing your communications system will be extremely reliable; and easy setup, management, and utilization of the hardware and software in ShoreTel’s communications packages. Moreover, apps that allow for increased employee productivity, easy management of the entire communication system, and a low total ownership cost are a few of the additional advantages now offered by ShoreTel’s new SBE 100 package. Examples of some of these productivity-increasing applications include desktop call control and Unified Messaging, which is an architecture that utilizes different types of media and methodologies to deliver information to end users—for example, sending different types of media, like phone messages and faxes, to one central location like your email inbox.

With the SBE 100 package, ShoreTel can now offer its products to businesses from ten users to tens of thousands of users (by means of their licensing) on as single platform, which is especially beneficial in that small businesses can grow into large businesses without worry of changing their communications systems due to their growing needs. Instead, the SBE 100 has a scalability factor that can follow a business throughout its growth into a large enterprise and still deliver the same advantageous functions and capabilities as the business gains employees and locations.

As quoted by ShoreTel in their recent press release about the release of the Small Business Edition 100, Mark Patterson, an Australia-based broker of insurance products noted that, “The new ShoreTel SMB offer is a complete, out-of-the-box unified communications solution that gives us enterprise-class functionality at a price-tag that meets our requirements as a growing medium-sized company.” Expanding upon this point about the SBE 100 being a handy new offering for small and medium businesses, Greg Wilkoff, owner of Southern Oregon’s Adept Networks, commented that “ShoreTel is now attainable to smaller customers who once had to look to inferior solutions to meet their communication needs.”

Adept Networks has been Southern Oregon and Northern California’s prime provider of business-class communications products and services for over a decade including VoIP business phone systems, enhanced computer networks, and surveillance and security cameras. By offering a complete lineup of technology and infrastructure support, Adept is unique in the local market as a total solutions provider. With expertise and products from Enterprise to SMB, Adept is conceivably the most versatile technology company in Southern Oregon and Northern California.

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