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Teleconferencing is integral to today’s business. Adept Networks is proud to offer the best in conferencing technology to our customers. With OmniSound® 2.0 patented technology, Konftel ensures crystal-clear voice transmission. OmniSound® 2.0 uses an omnidirectional microphone and three speakers for optimal audio performance. OmniSound® 2.0 is enhanced with innovative features–noise suppression minimizes distracting background noise, wideband voice transmission gives 7 kHz during VoIP calls, and an equalizer allows you to adjust sound levels during your meeting.

Businesses can’t afford to lose time on poor sound quality or insufficient network capacity. Adept Networks provides a variety of custom telephone conferencing solutions for businesses. We feature Konftel teleconferencing equipment which provides extremely good sound quality that is critical in the meeting environment. Konftel’s conference phones use OmniSound, which delivers superb audio quality even in large meetings. Not only does Konftel’s quality exceed equipment standards, their system is very flexible to fit your business requirements.

Businesses can purchase expansion microphones that more than double the phone’s pickup range, allowing more people to actively participate in the call. Wireless headsets can integrate with the unit to simultaneously transfer sound from the conference phone and the headset — a particularly useful feature when the person speaking isn’t near a microphone.

Some Essential Highlights for Businesses:

• You can make multiparty calls
• You can preprogram call groups, allowing you to reach multiple colleagues with the press of a single button.
• The equipment comes with built-in recording capability to document calls.
• Video-conferencing and screen sharing capabilities through computers.


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