iphone Find My Phone – Can Lassie Do That?

What’s that Lassie?
My iphone’s been stolen

I’m sure by now, you’ve heard that there’s an app for that.

find my iphone app

Here at Adept, we’re constantly staying on top of the latest technology and recently, making sure that businesses can operate more smoothly with the use of mobile devices. In a recent post of ours, “New SIP Mobile Phone for Business – Bring Your Allworx Business Phone Everywhere You Go” we talk about how business owners and employees can bring their Allworx business phone with them wherever they go. This new technology has been made possible through Allworx’s continued innovations to their phone system software, culminating in their new 7.5 software release that includes an SIP mobile phone client app called “Reach.” The Reach app brings all the functionality of your business phone to your smartphone anywhere there’s an internet signal, whether WiFi or cellular.

But with all of this mobility, comes greater accessibility to your private information for those with the intent to steal. Theft of mobil devices is so common in today’s technologically advanced world, and with more people doing more advanced things on their mobile devices, well, people are losing a lot more than just a phone.

Apple has been a leader in mobile technology and their apps are well known. Lately, one of their apps called Find My iPhone has been getting a lot of press coverage. For people who haven’t heard of this app yet, it’s worth a download.

Dave Johnson recently wrote an article on CBS MoneyWatch titled “How you can help the police find your stolen iPhone” It’s worth the read plus it has a happy ending. Here’s a quick synopsis pulled from his article:

“The woman flagged down a police officer who, somewhat miraculously, helped her recover the phone that very same day. How did he do it? He pulled out his own iPhone and used Apple’s Find My iPhone app to zero in on her phone, which the thief had not turned off. Long story short: They chased him down, and recovered the phone, more like something out of a television show rather than real life.”

Even here in Medford, Oregon police have used the iphone find my phone app to arrest criminals. Just the other week, in what is a slightly amusing story police used the iphone app to locate a thief who stole $1,600 in electronics equipment from a home. The home owner must have been an Apple fan, because among the items were an iPad, Mac LapTop and of course the iphone. The police used the phone to track down the criminal sleeping in a parked vehicle — classic! To read the full article check out Newswatch 12 at: http://www.kdrv.com/iphone-app-leads-officers-to-burglar/

Here is a video that shows the iphone find my iphone app in more detail as well as how to activate it on your phone. If you can’t find your iphone after it has been stolen, you can also use “remote wipe” to remove personal information from your phone while it’s in the hands of the technology predator.

If you would like to download the find my iphone app, just click here.


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