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Businesses tend to view IT Security in terms of how much it will cost them as a monthly expense, but seldom view it in terms of how much a lack of security could cost them in the long-term.


Business IT Consulting for Southern Oregon and Northern California
Technology seems to change faster than a stoplight. You may even wonder sometimes why your business is obligated to keep up with it. The truth is, technology’s impact on business is substantial. It affects everything from how we interact, right down to a company’s productivity. And that’s why businesses rely on Adept Networks for support, security, and computer consulting services.

The bad news is that security threats are something all businesses have to deal with. The good news is that Adept Networks is a licensed and highly rated company providing IT consulting services, including security services, for businesses in Southern Oregon and Northern California. We use state-of-the-art security techniques, equipment, and protocols to ensure that your business data, files, applications, and network are safe, secure, and backed up.

We offer a complete on-site analysis and will put a comprehensive security plan in place as well as recommend the right technology, tools, and services to protect your business network.

  • IT Security Consulting: Professional IT consultation ranging from firewall installation to security audit services; our certified consultants will ensure your network is safe.
  • Computer and IT Network Security Audits: We’ll conduct an affordable but very sophisticated on-site analysis of your network’s vulnerability to hackers, viruses, and other threats. Our report will include findings on any discovered security vulnerabilities, risks, and implications and will then recommend technical solutions, specific software, tools, and implementation steps to restore your network.
  • Onsite and Offsite Data Backups: Our security experts will create and install secure-access Internet and network connections for your branch offices, with easy and automated data backups.
  • Firewall Installation: We will install and configure a secure firewall to create a barrier between your organization’s interior network and the Internet.
  • Managed Security Service: For the highest level of security, we can provide proactive, continuous monitoring of your network’s firewall devices.
  • Desktop Support: Complete desktop support for your business.


Service Areas for IT Consulting:
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