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Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Your organization relies heavily on IT. In fact, most of the time, if your network stops working so does your organization. Backups are not optional. There are two kinds of people, those who backup and those who will. As they say, experience is a hard teacher. But for you, it should be the experience of others that teaches you that you need to be prepared for what will happen.

Theft, fire, flood, ransomware, hardware failure, and accidental deletion are all causes of data loss and down time.

Adding to this is the lost productivity that your organization may face while your recovery plan or lack of a recovery plan is implemented.

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Adept Networks recommends that our clients have and maintain a backup and disaster recovery plan for their organization. We have many options to provide you with excellent backup solutions so you do not have to worry about it. We are constantly monitoring backups and testing disaster recovery as well to make sure that when you need it, your data will be there for you.

Another consideration alluded to above is the lost time that you may incur while your data is restored. For you, time is money. Every hour your network is not working you are losing revenue. A business continuity plan may be required for some organizations that require high availability of IT resources.

Adept Networks can provide solid business continuity solutions for your organization so that when disaster strikes, your organization can remain operational through the recovery process. This is also called resiliency. How resilient is your IT network? Will it serve you when disaster strikes?

Managed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services by Adept Networks will insure that your mission critical IT infrastructure remains operational so you can sleep at night.

Petersen Plumbing - Eugene, OR

 You were able to design/install a [Meraki] firewall & VPN solution that actually protected my network! The previous guy was clueless and left my network VERY at risk of hacking!

Evergreen Law

 You always provide professional, friendly, and prompt service. You really have been there for us and are our “go to” when we have an issue.

Ameriprise Financial - Eugene, OR

The Allworx phone system is amazing compared to our old system. Having the mobile app is extremely beneficial. Adept seems to know everything about IT and I know very little. I truly feel your company is doing what it needs to to stay ahead of the competition.

Andersen LawWe prefer personalized service, which is exactly what is provided by Adept. The previous provider was not reliable, at times it took several days to get a response.

Corinne D, Andersen Law