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Cisco and CompTIA certified network professionals.

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Network Infrastructure


IT NetworkingYour Network is the foundation of your technology.

From Network Engineering and design to final product Adept Networks can help you build a robust and scale-able IT infrastructure. Cable and Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN), network switches, router-firewalls, and wide area links between buildings …

Is your company’s network ready to handle today’s state of the art business systems?

Your network may start with your computers, servers and POS systems, but where does it end and who’s responsible for tying them all together?

Your IT Company needs to be pros at computer networking. Adept Networks team members hold networking certifications from Cisco and CompTIA.

Most computer and server technicians are not networking professionals. You’ll want someone who understands how to implement a robust infrastructure for your business systems.

Adept can build and maintain your network infrastructure, providing you with total peace-of-mind.

Network Security


Protecting Your Assets

The importance of network security is undeniable. A compromised network is an open buffet for those seeking to do harm or extort you with ransomware.

Can you imagine what would happen if your network was compromised and sensitive and confidential information like credit card information, medical records, or legal files was stolen?

Horror stories like this are all too common. If you don’t have a security plan in place you’re simply biding time until you lose important data or suffer a cyber attack.

Your business needs to be on offense when it comes to network security and Adept will provide the perfect combination of network security measures and technologies for your business. We’re here to help you.