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Adept Networks partners with several voice and internet service providers. We can help your company determine what the best solutions are, as well as help you save money every month using optimal technology.

  • Business VoIP & SIP Trunking – Replacing business landlines with internet-based phone lines can help save your business money. In addition, this new technology allows for features that were previously reserved for larger businesses at a great expense. Upgrading to a business-class VoIP service gives your business phone system greater flexibility, more features, higher voice quality, and significant savings on long-distance and international calls.
  • Hosted PBX – Step up your professional image with a hosted PBX telephone system with features including automated-attendant voice menus, hunt groups, conference bridges, voicemail-to-email, on-hold music, and more. Using the cloud to deliver VoIP services allows businesses to manage their communications infrastructure with minimal effort while making the best use of a limited budget.
  • Local & Long Distance Phone Service – Traditional phone services with modern features such as caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding are perfect for businesses that would like to keep things simple. We also provide long-distance phone service plans to fit your business needs with flat rates per-minute that won’t leave you guessing.
  • Phone & Web Conferencing – Audio conferencing services keep your business running efficiently, whether you’re speaking with clients from another state or leading a weekly employee meeting. Need more? Web conferencing can help you share slides, images, documents, and streaming video that will bring your meeting to life.

  • High-Speed Internet – Get your business up to speed with high-speed internet options at competitive prices.
  • EoC – Ethernet over Copper is an Internet facing service specifically designed to bring your business more bandwidth and faster speeds than traditional DSL. As opposed to traditional Ethernet, EoC is more affordable and provides a more consistent connection, resulting in enhanced performance.
  • PRI-T1 – A telecommunications service standard for businesses, PRI-T1 is a high-capacity, high-density phone line with 23 channels. Typically used in large or moderately large businesses with digital PBXs, PRI-T1’s provide you with powerful features such as Direct Inward Dial (DID) lines and two-way Caller ID.
  • Cable Modem – A cable modem provides the best and most reliable data connection for the price. Cable modem is such a powerful method of interconnectivity that it is most oftentimes the go-to solution for small businesses.
  • DSL – Although they are often not suitable in VoIP applications, DSL services are perfect for small business looking for basic high-speed Internet services.


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