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ShoreTel, Inc. provides brilliantly simple Unified Communication (UC) solutions based on their award-winning IP business phone system. ShoreTel offers organizations of all sizes integrated voice, video, data, and mobile communications on an open, distributed IP architecture that helps significantly reduce the complexity and costs typically associated with other solutions. The feature-rich ShoreTel UC system offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry, in part because it is easy to deploy, manage, scale and use. Increasingly, companies around the world are finding a competitive edge by choosing ShoreTel to handle their integrated business communications.

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ShoreTel’s business communications system delivers voice, unified communications (UC), mobility and contact center capabilities to enterprises of all sizes. It combines a distributed communications platform, intuitive user applications, IP phones, and an easy-to-use management system that integrates with leading business information systems.

Features Include: Ergonomic design, plug-and-play simplicity, a variety of models, and feature-rich communication.

Unified Communication incorporates a spectrum of capabilities designed to increase productivity and collaboration among users across a variety of mediums. ShoreTel’s UC includes capabilities such as presence, mobility, messaging, voicemail and video.

Presence is a key component of Unified Communications. It enables you to find the best person available for live contact, and also shows you the state of the receiver so you can choose the best or richest mode of communications. Mobility is the ability to communicate using any device no matter where you are. Unified Messaging is about the integration of e-mail, voicemail, and ultimately video mail, using existing enterprise contact directories as a common database. Video brings a new dimension to traditional voice calling by letting users “meet” face-to-face with remote individuals from wherever they happen to be.

For healthcare organizations, a reliable communication system is critical. Doctors and nurses must be able to communicate with patients and hospital staff whether they are on-call, on the move or on site. They need the ability to rely on a system that is flexible, mobile and versatile to keep daily tasks and operations running smoothly. ShoreTel’s IP PBX phone systems keep lines of communication fluid. With voice, video, text and IM so powerfully integrated with your healthcare applications and communications devices, medical staff can focus their energy on their jobs. ShoreTel offers solutions that are simple and responsive, increasing employee mobility and productivity and bringing collaboration to patient care.

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In an environment focused on education, modern communication systems play an integral roll in keeping students, parents and educators connected. School campuses must equip classrooms, offices, dorms and staff with phone systems and telephone services while on a tight budget. This often results in schools relying on outdated phone systems, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The ShoreTel unified communications system provides an affordable, highly reliable and secure solution that can be implemented across campuses with an easy-to-use, web-based management system. ShoreTel solutions are highly scalable and provide feature-rich applications that can meet new demands of an expanding campus while actually saving money, reducing the number of phones and phone lines needed in educational facilities, and allowing better communication.

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ShoreTel IP Phones

ShoreTel offers a wide range of business telephones for communication solutions, each designed to help boost productivity and meet the needs of every user—from busy executive to remote worker, and from operator to contact center agent. Each phone is pre-configured for quick and easy installation with the ShoreTel Business phone systems and offers all the advanced features, high performance and quality required in today’s constantly connected workplace.

ShoreTel IP 655
12 line phone system
Color touch screen
6 element mic array
Integrated VPN Client

ShoreTel IP 485g
8 line phone system

ShoreTel IP 480g
8 line phone system
Backlit Display

ShoreTel IP 420
2 line phone system

ShoreTel IP 480
8 line phone system
Backlit Display

ShoreTel IP 560g
6 line phone system
Gigabit Ethernet
Integrated VPN Client

ShoreTel IP 265
Business Phone 6 lines
Color Screen

ShoreTel IP 230
3 line phone system

ShoreTel IP 212K
12 lines

ShoreTel IP 230g
3 lines
Gigabit Ethernet
Integrated VPN Client

ShoreTel IP 115
1 line

ShoreTel IP 110
1 line

ShoreTel IP BB24
24 lines / feature keys
Button Box

ShoreTel IP 930D
3 lines
Headset Jack
12 Hours Talk Time
5 Days Standby Time


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