What Can Allworx Reach and System Software 7.5 do for your business?

What Can Allworx Reach and System Software 7.5 do for your business?

allworx smartphone appAllworx SIP mobile phone systems allow you to manage your business anywhere, even on the go.

Allworx Reach™ and System 7.5 Software combine effortless communications with complete mobility for your business. Whether your smartphone is Apple or Android, Reach brings the rich functionality of your Allworx phone to your smartphone. Both Wi-Fi and cellular data networks are utilized for Allworx Reach access, so anywhere there is a signal — from across the room or across the globe — you are connected.

• Intuitive and easy to read, all Reach functions are at your fingertips.

• The Active Call window gives you a wealth of information, including audio quality statistics.

• Call History, Contacts and Voicemails are just a press away.



What features will Allworx Reach provide on your smartphone?

Allworx Reach maximizes its smart user interface to make day-to-day calling effortless, providing information and options to simplify your life. Manage your calls and activities from a single, easy to use intelligent interface.

You can simultaneously make and receive multiple calls, transfer and conference them together from the large, visual call windows.

Almost every Allworx function is at your fingertips, including seamlessly transferring any call, parking, or holding calls. You also have separate audio controls.

Call History makes it easy to view and return any incoming or outgoing call as well as missed calls.

Reach allows you to place calls from the internal Allworx system contacts list or your local contacts contained in your phone or tablet. As you dial a number, Reach searches all your contact lists for any matches, improving your calling productivity. You can also see every Allworx system user’s presence along with the status of their Allworx phone and Reach device.

Manage your voicemails with ease. Listen to any message in any order you choose, and forward or create new messages with effortless prompts.

Because Reach is an Allworx-created solution designed exclusively to work on Allworx phone systems, setup is easy, it integrates seamlessly, and works flawlessly.

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Allworx Reach Enhances Mobility
With support for Allworx Reach™, System Software 7.5 provides businesses with a new way to communicate. In the past, phone systems had to rely on a physical phone tethered to a fixed location to get every feature, but not anymore. Now businesses can bring all the functionality of an IP-based Allworx phone onto their Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. Business owners or employees can connect anywhere there is a signal via Wi-Fi or cellular. Individuals will be able to send and receive multiple calls simultaneously, conference, manage voicemails, and have a direct view of contacts, local to the device or on the server.

New Customer Management Options Enhance Flexibility
More and more, customers want to manage their own day-to-day programming activities. To address this need, user permission levels allow control and delegation of programming functionality. Users may now be designated a System Administrator with full access to all administrative functions, or a Phone Administrator to manage day-to-day phone system settings including system recordings, users, extensions, and handsets. Network Administrator privileges enable access and management of Network and VoIP settings, as well as outside lines, SIP proxies and SIP gateways. Lastly, Support Technicians have access to initiate system backups, reboot commands, and manage logging functions.

Call Handling Features to Improve Productivity
Shared Call Appearance allows one or more appearances to be shared across multiple handsets. It’s perfect for groups of phones that need the same call appearances on their phones, or a call coverage application between a boss and assistant. Incoming calls on shared appearances ring and can be answered by anyone. When calls are placed on hold, they can be retrieved by anyone. If privacy is required, the call can be placed on hold where only you or the party you intercom can retrieve it. Call Park improvements have been made that greatly increase the ease to identify callers in a park orbit. From any Allworx phone, any user can see a list of every parked call. This includes the orbit number where the call is parked, length of time parked, extension number that parked the call, and caller ID name and number.

Stronger Passwords for Greater Security
System 7.5 allows users to have a separate stronger password for accessing My Allworx Manager, the Allworx Administration pages and Reach. Passwords can be made stronger when used for authenticated access to features using a keyboard interface. The user password can be made more secure with rules for minimum length, requiring upper/lower case characters, numbers and/or special characters.

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