How a managed service provider can transform the way you do business

Technology:—a common concern for new and growing businesses

Technology is an important element of what you do on a day-to-day basis, regardless of what your business does. Whether you are a plumbing service with three employees, a chain of restaurants, or a growing service provider, your business needs technology to process payments, record financial information, communicate with customers and vendors, and accomplish day-to-day processes.

Startup businesses need a trusted technology adviser from day one. Unless you have a background in IT or know someone who will be able to set up and maintain your network on a minimal budget, you will be starting at a disadvantage trying to do it yourself.

But there is a simple and logical way to get your business off the ground and set up for success with a fixed, known and budgeted cost: managed IT services from Adept. How can this benefit your business? Read on…

Everything is taken care of

The moment your company partners with Adept, a major aspect of your business is being planned and managed by a team of experts. We assess what your business needs, craft a plan that suits your budget, and ensure it is the perfect solution.

Maximize potential

Technology is a tool that businesses use to get work done, to satisfy customers, and to add value to their products and services. If you have approached your IT as a necessary evil, or as something that takes away from your productivity  in the past, Adept can help you transform it into one of your greatest assets.

Keep things consistent

Over the years, your company has most likely taken a reactive approach to IT. An issue is identified, and it is solved by the most obvious and immediate solution. When your IT is managed by Adept, you get a proactive and scalable IT solution. Now your IT will scale with your business growth and work to improve your processes, not against them.

Stay safe and compliant

Businesses nowadays need to keep not only their data safe, but the personal data of their customers and vendors. This isn’t only good business sense, in many industries it is required by law or through voluntary industry standards. If your business must adhere to any of these standards, complying to these requirements is never in question when Adept is by your side. Your system will be designed to be secure and compliant with all supporting documentation.

Have an expert at your fingertips

The only thing constant is change and sometimes that comes in the form of a natural disaster, deleting the wrong file, or you can find your business at the wrong end of any calamity. On the other side, your business may be looking to expand to a new product line, a new service, or a move to a new space. These are instances where it is critical to have a trusted, knowledgeable expert on call and ready to answer your questions or lend a hand.

Last but not least, save money

At Adept, we treat your business as our own. Your success is our success and we are here to give you all the advantages that a secure, efficient information technology system can bring. This also means we can fit the technology you need into your budget. They will align with your goals and needs.While technology is important, you won’t need to devote a crippling amount of resources to it.

Call Adept Networks today, and we can get started designing and implementing a system that will help accomplish your daily tasks and reach your long-term goals.