See how taking advantage of a managed cloud service can help you leverage the best results from your cloud environment.

Early into the 21st century, most organizations only had the option to store their data files and vital programs on an in-house computer or server. This solution lost its touch over time, especially as the internet became more powerful. Though some companies still operate like this, many are starting to ride the wave of the future – cloud computing.

Cloud-based technology has quickly grown into one of today’s largest business norms. In an age where nearly everything revolves around digital technology, migrating to a cloud-dominated infrastructure has become a hip trend for businesses owners to follow. Whether you need disaster recovery support, more room to store your data, or just want to share files more efficiently, a network built in the cloud solves many operational problems.

Actively managing your cloud infrastructure is a great way for businesses to maintain a competitive edge through operational efficiency. If you want to improve your cloud environment, then understand that the right service provider makes all the difference. Working with an experienced managed service provider (MSP) can help your company gain the leverage needed for your company to succeed long-term.

These are just three of the primary benefits that these professional cloud service providers will be able to serve you with.

Cost savings:

When it comes to cloud migration, it’s normal for people to worry about the conversion price. What most people struggle to initially realize is that a virtual cloud server can help businesses save a lot of money in the long-term. Unlike an on-premise server, cloud technology requires little to no maintenance or repairs. Don’t worry about stretching your budget thinner than what it already is. Your managed cloud provider will help you avoid breaking the bank on any unnecessary fees.

Extra layers of security:

I’m sure your network is protected by a firewall, encryption keys, and some type of antivirus software, but that can only do so much. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, which also means that cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and devastating. Cybercriminals are always discovering new ways to manipulate their way into your network. Although it’s counterintuitive, moving your data to the cloud adds additional security because most breaches affecting SMB’s begin at a user’s workstation, or point of access.

Working with a managed cloud professional is like hiring your own personal security team. They are cybersecurity specialists that work around the clock to ensure that your most valuable information is out of harm’s way.

Disaster recovery and redundancy:

If any of your data gets lost in a disaster, or compromised following a cybersecurity attack, then a cloud backup service provider will kickstart your DR strategy.  In the unlikely event that data is lost, the cloud service provider will recover it for you. To give you more peace of mind, they will make multiple copies of your most important files and keep them safeguarded in an offsite data center. This ensures that you always have a safe grip on everything you need.

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