Unprecedented up-time for your phone systems

Adept Networks partners with Clearfly to reduce your communications costs by consolidating your data and voice networks and eliminating long-distance charges.

Clearfly Communications

Even though email, high-speed internet, and video conferencing now stand at the forefront of business technology, Clearfly realizes that voice services remain vital to your critical business operations. Because of this understanding, Clearfly has engineered services that surpass the reliability you have come to expect from a traditional phone service provider. With solutions designed to consolidate your communications services, you’ll minimize your overhead for a more efficient workflow.

Clearfly offers service level agreements that are unparalleled in the Voice over IP world. With end-to-end control, Clearfly manages all network elements and chooses best-in-class network components and service partners. Backed by a knowledgeable team of experts supporting a 24/7 Network Operating Center, Clearfly is as committed to achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction as we are at Adept Networks.

Sip Trunking | Adept Networks

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking from Clearfly enables VoIP access for your PBX. SIP trunks are sold per call and provide all of the features of a PRI with the cost savings of VoIP. Features include:

  • Direct Inward Dial (DID)
  • Caller ID
  • Automatic routing to an external number if PBX is offline

The Clearfly Advantage

With Clearfly, your company can enjoy benefits like:

  • Up to 50% savings in monthly voice and data costs over traditional solutions.
  • Faster ROI by leveraging your telecom budget.
  • Eliminating long-distance charges.
  • Scalability to fit your company size today and prepare for tomorrow.

You don’t even have to replace your existing phone systems. Clearfly leverages the most advanced voice service technology to provide your business with communication solutions that include local, long-distance, toll-free, fax-to-email, and Internet access. By utilizing a vast fiber-optic network and a redundant voice infrastructure, you will have the resilient and reliable communications backbone your operations require.

Legacy Voice | Adept Networks

Legacy Voice

Want to bring the cost savings of VoIP to your existing phone system? Clearfly offers:

  • PRI/ISDN (1 to 23 channels)
  • Traditional analog lines (FXS)
  • Legacy CAS/RBS

The Adept Advantage

Adept Networks maintains a close working relationship with Clearfly to offer you the latest streamlined communications services. In unison with their around-the-clock support, Adept’s team of telecom experts is always just a phone call away should you ever have trouble with your communication services.

Because we prioritize offering turnkey IT solutions, we build a system that’s designed to operate in unison with your telecom hardware. We understand the intricacies of your network and how it aligns with your unique business operations, so we can find the unique solution for your business needs while continuously providing you with personalized support.

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