Communication is key – make sure your company has the right tools.

Whatever it is your business does, you need a reliable phone system. Anyone who has purchased a traditional phone system knows what a pain it is. From installation, upgrades, difficulty in operation and making changes, traditional business phone systems are expensive and difficult to maintain. Further, most of them are a Capital Expense.

Some start up businesses rely on mobile phones. This is a viable option for the smallest of businesses with few or no employees. But at some point, your business will outgrow mobile phones.

This is where Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology comes to the rescue. The capabilities of business phones include  much more than just the ability to make and receive calls. Today’s internet-based phone systems combine messaging, mobility, and conferencing with a myriad of unified communication options to help your business stay connected and communicating properly.

Why is VoIP so popular among businesses?

Scalable to your needs

With traditional phone systems, adding or subtracting users or lines can be a complicated, lengthy process. VoIP allows you to have as many phones as you have employees and easliy scale up or down

Flexible for your workforce

VoIP phones are assigned to an employee, not a location. This means if your employees change offices or cubicles often, there’s no need to go through a lengthy process of changing phone numbers; they simply take their phones with them, plug in, and they are back in business.

Cost effective to match your budget

Traditional phone systems must be hosted in-house which means you are responsible for its maintenance and upgrades. VoIP systems are hosted in the cloud which reduces the amount of equipment you need to buy and store.

What will Adept do to help us get the best phone system for our needs?

The best phone system isn’t necessarily the most expensive one or the telephone service with the most features. A business VoIP system is scalable not only to the number of phones you need but to your budget as well. By answering the below questions, we can determine the plan and the equipment that best suits your requirements.

Use – Before you choose the optimal provider, it is critical to understand your needs. How many employees do you have? How often do they use their phone systems?. If you hire a new employee all you need to do to get them integrated into the system is purchase another phone, add it to the system, and they are in business.

Features – What features will you need? This ties into the per user cost the provider will charge. Common features include call waiting, caller ID, enhanced voicemail, conferencing, and other common phone features. Will you be calling internationally?

Mobility – Some VoIP systems allow your employees to use their mobile devices to quickly, and securely access their business phone. These applications allow them to make calls on their business line directly from their mobile phones allowing them to conduct business using their business line from anywhere.

Cost – How much will these features cost? What is the best equipment you can get for your money? Upgrading to a business-class VoIP service gives your business phone system greater flexibility, more features, increased call clarity, and significant savings on international and long-distance calling.

How to get started

Your office phone service is critical to your success as a business. As our client, we are dedicated to making sure your phone system is reliable and cost-effective. Adept Networks partners with multiple voice over IP providers, and our methods have led us to manage over 500 VoIP clients in Southern Oregon and surrounding areas. As a full service solution to your business phone needs, you won’t have to worry about your connectivity ever again. Call us today.