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IT solutions optimized for healthcare facilities

We specialize in providing enterprise IT solutions and security for healthcare providers and hospitals of all sizes.

Improve the Patient Care Experience

In our experience, the healthcare industry depends on IT service providers more than almost any other industry. Healthcare organizations need:

  • Immediate access to patient data.
  • Secure communications within their network of providers.
  • Access to vital care information anytime, anywhere.
  • Around-the-clock support.
  • Guaranteed security and HIPAA Compliance.

That’s why when you partner with Adept Networks, we prioritize these needs. We leverage the latest healthcare technology like hybrid cloud storage and server virtualization in order to optimize data management for clinical workflows. Your team of healthcare professionals will have immediate, portable access to critical patient data, so you can bring patient data with you to the point of care. Portable, cloud-based technology encourages patient engagement while maximizing operational efficiency. At the same time, we build systems that provide guaranteed protection of sensitive patient data with HIPPA compliance.

Healthcare Networks Systems | Adept Networks

Healthcare Networks Systems

Our healthcare IT services include HIPAA Compliance and ongoing risk assessments, the planning and implementation of fully-managed data, and security services.

The Importance of HIPAA Compliance

We encounter too many healthcare providers who either aren’t concerned or have been misinformed about HIPAA compliance requirements. Too often, providers are operating on care-critical systems that are either non-functioning or outdated.

Part of our mission is to educate and inform healthcare businesses about what they need to do to stay compliant. We encourage a collaborative approach to your IT needs for clear and transparent decision-making. We build solutions that not only guarantee HIPAA compliance; they also enable you to assess and heal patients more effectively. With a faster network, you’ll be able to more quickly treat and heal your patients, resulting in an improved patient care experience.

 Security And Data Protection | Adept Networks

Security and Data Protection

Ensure the availability and resilience of your systems, networks, patient data, and clinical applications. Adept specializes in IT solutions that are robust, affordable, and flexible.

The Adept Advantage

Adept Networks was founded by a veteran IT engineer with years of experience in project planning and implementation for hospitals in Oregon and Washington state. Our IT vision is rooted in providing cutting-edge technology solutions optimized for the healthcare field. We understand that technology has become fundamental to delivering the highest-quality patient care possible, which is why we take tech just as seriously as you take your patients.

When you partner with Adept, you gain a team of experts in healthcare technology who prioritize using IT to provide high-quality patient care. We understand that treating patients rarely follows a routine schedule. That’s why we ensure that our support services are available around the clock. Every time you call us with an issue, we guarantee that there will be a live human on the other end ready to take your call so we can start working on a solution right away. Because you want to provide the highest-quality patient care, we want to provide you with the highest-quality IT service and support. Contact us today to see how we can improve your healthcare IT.

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