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Adept has been a trusted provider of IT services specifically designed for law firms for more than ten years.

Technology for the Legal Industry

With the latest technology solutions for your law firm, Adept Networks understands your need for legal technology integration, workflow analytics, document management, secure data storage as well as backup and continuity plans. Our team of experts has hands-on experience helping law firms of all sizes design IT solutions optimized for their workflow. We’re ready to help your firm operate more efficiently, improve client retention, and maximize mobility.

We often encounter firms that have become inundated with having to store old case files and documents. If your firm has encountered this problem, cloud technology offers an optimal solution. Cloud solutions provide flexible storage options, so you can get additional space right when you need it. By scanning and digitally archiving important documents, your firm will be able to locate and search through files more effectively and efficiently. At the same time, you’ll be able to access these files from anywhere with an Internet connection. Adept Networks can facilitate every step of your firm’s transition to the cloud, so you can save space by implementing digital archives that are always a click away.

Security And Data Protection | Adept Networks

Security and Data Protection

Our IT services are optimized for law firms including:

  • Performing risk assessments
  • Building security plans
  • Creating cloud solutions
  • Implementing fully managed data and security services

Facilitating Legal Research

To take your legal research team to the next level, you need a fast, reliable network, the latest collaboration tools, and advanced telecom systems. Adept Networks specializes in these three priorities to match your firm’s needs. Without a reliable network, your team will be held back from getting the documents they need. Intuitive collaboration tools ensure that each member of your team is referencing the same versions of files and facilitating meetings and conferences. You depend on your telecom system to stay in touch with clients, so you need a network that’s as reliable as you are. When you partner with Adept, we understand what your firm needs to stay successful, so we’re able to provide the IT tools and infrastructure that guarantee your success.

Cloud Services For Law Firms | Adept Networks

Cloud Services for Law Firms

We provide scalable solutions for law firms from email, document management, practice management software, and data backups. We enable your team to work from anywhere at any time.

A Word from Our Partners

Here’s what law firms have to say about partnering with Adept Networks:

“We prefer personalized service, which is exactly what is provided by Adept. The previous provider was not reliable, at times it took several days to get a response.” – Corrinne D, Andersen Law

“You always provide professional, friendly, and prompt service. You really have been there for us and are our “go to” when we have an issue.” – Jessica J, Evergreen Law

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