Comprehensive collaboration tools for your team

We offer the latest office productivity solutions alongside revolutionary communication systems to take your collaboration capabilities to the next level.

Comprehensive Collaboration Tools

Ensuring that your team has the collaboration tools they need is critical to streamlining your business operations. With expertise in productivity platforms like Office 365 collaboration suite, we will help your team work more efficiently with cloud-based file sharing. Sharing and editing files and documents on the cloud ensures that everyone has the most up-to-date version while other team members can review edits in real-time. Sharing files is simplified, so team members and clients can video and teleconference all while looking at the same files.

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Implementing cloud-based collaboration tools also enables your team to work from anywhere at any time. More businesses are realizing the benefits of allowing employees to work from home or on the road. With our comprehensive productivity solutions, your team members will be able to be just productive as they would be at the office. They’ll have instant access to the business-critical data they need without missing a beat. At the same time, our cloud-based solutions maximize security with fully-encrypted file transmission and storage, so you never have to worry about unauthorized access. And by storing your files in the cloud, you don’t have to ever worry about backing up or losing your data due to in-house disaster or human error.

Save up to 25% of your working time

With integrated communication and productivity tools, your team can make the most of every minute.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

If you want a more holistic solution for your collaboration needs, Adept Networks also specializes in providing telecommunication systems that prioritize collaboration and productivity. Because we’ve been handling telecom for businesses on the West Coast since 1995, we are the best in the area at UCaaS. We stay ahead of market trends to give you tomorrow’s telecom solutions today. When you partner with Adept, we give you the technology edge you need to stay competitive by experiencing new levels of productivity and efficiency.

Our UCaaS offers your business a cloud-based telecommunication solution. UCaaS offers your business maximum flexibility that is easily scalable for your changing needs. Implementing new features and upgrades is simplified, keeping your business operations agile in an ever-changing market. With our UCaaS solution, your business will save money while gaining access to a broader range of features.

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The Adept Advantage

We understand that your system works best when it’s designed to work together. With Adept Networks as your total solutions provider, your phone systems, video conferencing platform, and online collaboration tools are all optimized to work together, so you can be the best at what you do. The tools your team needs to succeed will always be just a click away Adept Networks.

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