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Protect your critical data from disaster

Adept Networks ensures that your business-critical data, files, and applications stay protected with redundant backup solutions.

The Importance of Backup Services

Our clients rely heavily on IT. In fact, most of the time, if their network stops working so does their business. Theft, fire, flood, ransomware, hardware failure, and accidental deletion are all potential causes for critical data loss and business downtime. For your business, time is money. Every hour that your network is not working, is an hour of lost revenue and missed opportunities. Without a concrete recovery plan and an effective backup and restore solution, your business sacrifices productivity and money when disaster strikes.

The Importance Of Backup Services | Adept Networks

We take our backup solutions just as seriously as you take your business. In our experience, data backups are not an optional service. We’ve seen what happens when businesses have to learn the importance of backups the hard way, and we’re here to make sure that your business never has to experience the hard way. Our team of experts specializes in building redundant backup solutions, so restoring your business-critical data and files is just a phone call away.

Protect your network

Rugged data backup solutions built for your business.

The Adept Advantage

Adept Networks recommends that our clients implement a backup and disaster recovery plan for their organization. We have a variety of options to provide you with customized backup solutions for your business. With an automated solution, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to back your data up again. Our experts create automated backup services that back your data up on and off-site as frequently as you want. By providing redundant on-site and off-site storage options, we guarantee that you’ll have access to the latest image of your files. At the same time, we are continually monitoring backups and testing disaster recovery to make sure that your data will be there for you should you need it.

Adept Networks will provide customized business continuity solutions for your organization so that when disaster strikes, your organization will remain operational throughout the recovery process. We call this resilience. How resilient is your IT network? Will IT serve you when disaster strikes? Adept Networks specializes in giving you concrete answers to these business-critical questions.

Our Backup Offering | Adept Networks

Our Backup Offering

We utilize Altaro backup software to securely store your data. Known for speed and simplicity, Altaro allows us to backup any amount of data while being able to recover it within hours. Our partnership with Altaro, paired with virtual machines in our data center, guarantees that your data is stored with maximum physical and virtual security along every step of the backup process. Your files stay secure through encrypted file transport and fully-encrypted storage. Managed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services by Adept Networks ensures that your business-critical IT infrastructure remains operational, so you can sleep soundly at night.

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