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Disaster Recovery Solutions Optimized for Your Operations

The experts at Adept Networks take the time to understand your critical business operations. We will build a solution to maximize network up-time and guard against failure just for your business.

Disaster Recovery Planning

In today’s world, if your network stops working so does your business. Fire, natural disasters, cyber attacks, hardware failure, and accidental deletion are all potential causes for critical data loss and business downtime. For your business, time is money. Every hour it takes to get your network back up and running is an hour of lost revenue and missed opportunity. Without a concrete recovery strategy and an effective backup and restore solution, your business sacrifices productivity and money when disaster strikes.

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A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) involves creating an in-depth report of specific actions that are to be taken before, during, and after an unexpected event that disrupts day-to-day business operations, resulting in the loss of access to your information technology (IT) systems. At Adept Networks, we work with your business to create a DRP tailored to your day-to-day business operations. We break your DRP into three mission-critical steps:

  1. Mitigation: The first thing we address is how to reduce the chances of disaster striking in the first place. Actions like replacing hardware based on recommended manufacturer lifetimes to reduce the chance of critical failure, as well as bolstering network security to lower the risk of ransomware, allows us to reduce the risk of disaster.
  2. Continuity: The next thing we do is outline concrete steps to be taken in the event of a disaster. We ensure that every member of your team knows what to do and who to contact if disaster strikes. At the same time, we can implement systems that ensure your business-critical operations stay up and running.
  3. Recovery: The next part of the process primarily falls into our hands. We’ll perform on-site recovery to restore your system to the way it was before the disaster. When we design customized DRPs for businesses, we are typically able to get their network back up in a day or less depending on the disaster.

Up and running in a day or less

When we design you a DRP, we are able to get your business-critical operations back up and running in a day or less.

Business Continuity Planning

Many companies use the terms disaster recovery and business continuity interchangeably. However, we think there are some subtle differences. In contrast to a DRP, a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) primarily focuses on the ways that network downtime can be avoided altogether. In addition to the proactive approach a DRP takes, a BCP can include services like network and server failover services.

In the event that your business’ main Internet connection goes down, we can set up a failover service that utilizes wireless 4G network connectivity to ensure that your business-critical applications remain connected to the Internet. We can also design cloud-based services out of our data center to provide server failover solutions in the event that your in-house server goes down.

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The Adept Advantage

When you partner with the experts at Adept Networks, you’re adding a dynamic element to your business operations. We understand that your business needs more than a ‘one-and-done’ solution, so we regard our disaster recovery planning and business continuity services as an ongoing project. That’s why we work with you to regularly test and optimize your disaster and continuity services to ensure that they are ready to work with minimal recovery time when you need them most.

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