Managed IT Support

Holistic IT coverage for one flat fee

With our Managed IT Support offering, we provide comprehensive IT coverage to take care of all of your technology needs for one flat rate.

What is Managed IT?

Our Managed IT service provides your business with an all-inclusive IT support program to cover all of your technology needs. If you’re looking for a holistic solution that lets you focus on your day-to-day business operations instead of IT, our Managed IT offering is the answer. When you choose Adept Networks as your Managed IT provider, you can take a step back and let us handle your tech for you. We work with you, so you’re still involved in the decision-making process but you get to avoid the daily IT hassle many businesses experience. At the same time, you’ll have our dedicated, in-house support team available with just a simple call.

What Is Managed It_ | Adept Networks

If you decide to opt for our Managed IT service, we follow these five fundamental steps:

  1. Initial Meeting: We meet with you to figure out what your concerns and needs are. Then, we perform a quick survey of your existing network.
  2. Network Audit: After our initial meeting, we follow up with a full-fact survey of your network and perform a holistic audit of your network. We use sophisticated network crawling tools to find out how we can make your system run more efficiently.
  3. Backup Assessment: Because we require an offsite backup solution for all of our clients, we determine what backup systems and disaster recovery procedures you currently have in place.
  4. Prioritize: With a deeper understanding of your network, we work with you to prioritize network concerns and lay out a plan that addresses the most critical concerns first and then move into managing lower-order issues.
  5. Optimize: Once we’ve worked with you to establish a course of action, you can take a step back, let us work to improve your existing infrastructure, and streamline your operations. You can start enjoying all the benefits of an optimized network without any of the hassle.

Comprehensive IT Coverage

Businesses in all sectors are experiencing the benefits of outsourcing IT. Save time and money while enabling growth and flexibility by letting Adept handle all of your IT needs.

Benefits of Managed IT

When you choose to partner with Adept Network for all of your IT needs, you’ll experience benefits like:

  • Saving Time: How much time are you spending on maintaining your IT Infrastructure or overseeing IT projects? Probably too much. With Adept managing your IT, you’ll be able to dedicate that time to your day-to-day business operations.
  • Maximizing Budget: Because we provide our Managed IT service for a flat monthly rate, you’ll be able to make your IT budget do more because we invest in the tech for you and absorb the risk.
  • Leveraging Technology: We leverage cutting-edge technology to make sure you always have the latest solutions to keep you ahead of your competitors.
  • Focusing Operations: Our Managed IT offering allows your team to focus on doing what they do best while we focus on doing what we do best.
  • Room to Grow: Since we keep you ahead with the latest technology, you’ll never have to worry about your network limiting your business’ growth ever again. We build a network roadmap that allows you to grow as quickly as possible.
The Adept Advantage | Adept Networks

The Adept Advantage

Most IT companies try to lock clients in for one or two-year Managed IT contracts. That’s great for them, but not so great for you. You need to stay flexible and adaptable to be competitive in today’s marketplace. At Adept Networks, we’re so confident in the quality of our services that we don’t require you to sign on for a locked-in term. We handle everything on a monthly basis.

If you’re tired of working with companies that require you to lock into long-term contracts, schedule a consultation with Adept Networks today.

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