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When you virtualize your servers with Adept Networks, your IT is optimized for speed, reliability, and cost.

What is Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization is a process where we partition one physical server to operate as several different virtual servers all at once. Each virtual machine becomes an isolated software environment with a unique operating system on a single physical server. As virtualization experts, we have the capabilities to virtualize both your on-site and off-site servers. Sound complicated? We’ll manage every step of the process for you so you can start experiencing the benefits of virtualization right away with no hassle or downtime.

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Benefits Of Virtulization

Wondering what the benefits of virtualization are? For one, server virtualization allows you to streamline server performance by running applications on dedicated servers while reducing the number of physical servers required. If you have on-site servers, virtualization will minimize the physical space needed to optimize network performance. At the same time, virtualization guarantees that each physical server is used to its full capacity. You’ll be saving money, maximizing system performance, and consolidating space all at the same time.

Virtualization also increases network reliability by allowing for the possibility of running a single application on multiple servers. In the event that one server fails, your network operations can roll over to the redundant servers, so your business-critical applications can continue running uninterrupted.

Why should you virtualize your servers?

Your business can reduce operating costs, streamline network performance, and consolidate physical space with one solution.

The Adept Advantage

Because of the clear benefits offered by virtualization, we recommend that our clients virtualize their servers right from the start. We are happy to manage the virtualization process for one base price. Beyond reducing operating costs and streamlining performance, virtualizing your servers allows us to better serve as your holistic Managed Service Provider (MSP).

By operating on virtualized servers, we are better able to monitor your network, perform updates, and optimize your network for your day-to-day business operations. Virtual servers also allow us to use any operating system and server platform to provide you with optimal network flexibility. We can safely test updates and patches in a virtual server environment. If you ever need to migrate servers, the process is made much simpler by operating on virtual servers.

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Virtual Private Servers

Do you want to experience the benefits of virtualization while eliminating physical server space altogether? Adept Networks can create a virtualized solution that operates on our in-house servers, eliminating your need for dedicated on-site space. Instead of using up space in your building, your server environment will run from our reliable server center. As with all of our services, our server virtualization plans prioritize flexibility. We’ll work with you to create a hosting plan that meets your unique needs while maximizing your budget.

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