There was once a time when data backup strategies just consisted of making some copies on an external hard drive and putting that in a separate drawer. Today, your needs for dynamic data storage have changed. Storage systems and backup solutions must now be integrated into your business continuity and productivity planning to protect your business. With a managed service provider (MSP) like Adept Networks, you can trust that your Information systems and important data will be protected.

The Benefits of Professional Data Backup Services

One of the reasons why your backup data must be more than just a drive in a drawer is because of the type of threats we face in today’s world. Backups are now a required part of your data security. Because when your firewalls and other safeguards fail, you will need backup copies to restore services from. Other advantages of data backup services include:

Cutting Back On Your Workload

Dedicating your own workforce to things like regular backups can become very time-consuming. Relieving your staff of that responsibility will free up their time for other tasks and enhance your productivity as a business. Once we get to know your business and establish your recovery time objectives, we can craft your unique backup strategies and set up a step-by-step process of restoring your data when the time comes.

Stronger Security Posture

We recommend folding backup software into your security planning because it gives your business a robust contingency plan. Using methods like cloud storage, data centers, and encryption you can run your business with the peace of mind knowing that even if your system is breached, your operations are safe and the continuity of your business is secure.

Cutting Costs

With modern backup and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) solutions provided by Adept Networks the time and cost to restore systems has been significantly reduced saving you the direct costs of IT labor and the indirect cost of lost revenue from lost productivity.


One of the most significant advantages to partnering with a professionally managed service provider is the full library of services at our disposal. When you bring your backup services into the modern era, you see the benefits of mobility and dependability. You’ll be able to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection, and you’ll be able to rest easy at night knowing your information is being maintained by professionals.

Being Prepared For Disaster

An IT disaster plan is a critical part of planning the future of your business. We cannot predict when natural disasters or hazards like cyberattacks may strike, that is why it is so essential to be proactive with your recovery strategies. Adept Networks will be there help you build an IT disaster recovery procedure that fits the unique requirements of your business.

To learn more about data backup services and all the ways Adept Networks can improve the way your business operates, contact us today.